Infinite R™: The #1 Phase Change Material for buildings and energy storage

A revolutionary solution that the building & energy industry has been looking for.

Global Leader in Thermal Energy Storage

We are proud to be Malaysia’s exclusive distributor for the most advanced PHASE CHANGE MATERIAL technology developed for the building industry

Green Castle Innovation is a global leader in the development and deployment of innovative energy-efficiency and thermal storage solutions that harness the power of phase change materials. There have been millions of square feet of Infinite R™ installed with proven results.

The Problem

The price of energy and peak use demand charges are near all-time highs and demand for power is on the rise. Business operators are seeking new, cost-effective technologies to reduce power use, manage operating expenses and reduce impact on the environment.

The Solution

Our suite of energy-efficiency products is powered by Infinite R™, a trademarked and proprietary phase change material. When installed within a structure, Infinite R™ actively stabilizes interior temperature, absorbing heat when temperature exceeds a desired target and releasing heat when temperature drops below that target.

The Benefits

HVAC power consumption is reduced by up to 35%, producing energy savings that rapidly pay back the installed cost of our products. Our products install quickly without business disruption and require no maintenance over their useful life of over 100 years

Infinite R™ is a phase change building material that stores energy when you don’t need it, releasing it when you do.

It works the same as ice inside a cooler, slowly melting or thawing to maintain a target temperature using the process of phase change. It drastically increases the resiliency of buildings and communities, slashes energy costs by as much as half and increases the capacity for a more comfortable world.

Using Infinite R™ for new energy capacity is equivalent to:

315 Watts

Energy Per Square Metre

18 Inches

Concrete Mass Per Square Foot


Less £ to Develop Than Solar Power


Less £ to Develop Than Biomass


Less £ to Develop Than Natural Gas

And that’s just the beginning… Infinite R™ has even greater benefits

Reduces HVAC Power Consumption

Reduces HVAC power consumption by 25-35%

Attractive Pay-Back Period
Depending on location, savings from Infinite R™ can pay back its fully-installed cost in two to five years.

No Operating Cost, Long Lifetime
Infinite R™ requires no power and no maintenance to deliver its savings.

Reduces Carbon Footprint
Reduces carbon footprint as less power is consumed

Improves Building Comfort
Improves building comfort for occupants due to the more balanced room temperature

Installs Quickly And Easily
Infinite R™ products are easily installed within a few hours

25 Year Warranty

12 Years of Real World testing without any decreased performance, that’s why any Infinite R™ product is sold with a 25 year warranty.

100% Natural & Non Toxic

All our products are manufactured using inorganic mineral based materials.

Extends HVAC Equipment Lifetime

Infinite R™ products extend HVAC equipment lifetime and reduce repair and maintenance cost by decreasing HVAC run time by 15-20%.

Infinite R™ Requires No Power Or Maintenance

Infinite R™ products are easily installed within a few hours in most applications, avoiding business disruption & costs.

Lowest Cost – Highest Output

Infinite R™ is the highest performing, lowest cost phase change material available for easy building integration and MASSIVE benefits… literally!

Building Code Compliant

Infinite R™ products meet or exceed building code and fire safety requirements and have a Class A Fire Rating.

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