Phase Change Materials, referred to as PCMs, are materials that can absorb enormous amounts of thermal energy (heat). As they absorb or release thermal energy they change phase. In the case of Infinite R, the material transitions from a solid to a gel as it absorbs thermal energy in the form of heat. As Infinite R releases the heat, it transitions, or changes phase, from a gel to a solid.

Latent heat is thermal energy which is absorbed or released when a material changes phases. These phase changes take place at a constant temperature, like an ice cube that changes from solid to liquid as it absorbs heat, without changing temperature.

Thermal mass is the ability of a material to absorb and store thermal energy (heat). High density materials, like concrete, brick or tile require lots of heat to change temperature and have high thermal mass. Light weight material, such as timber has a lower thermal mass.

Infinite R is 100% natural & non toxic. Infinite R is manufactured using inorganic mineral based materials.

Infinite R is smart thermal mass. It is capable of absorbing an enormous amount of thermal energy at a specific design temperature and release that heat at the same temperature allowing it to buffer or control internal building temperatures intelligently. Controlling the transition temperature of Infinite R allows it to be optimized to have the maximum impact on energy consumption of a HVAC system to reduce cycling and system run times, thus saving energy.

Melting point refers to the transition temperature of the material stated in Celsius. Infinite R comes in a variety of different melting points ranging from 18°C to 28°C. Consult with one of our technical specialists who will advise you on the best melting temperature for your specific building.

Capacity refers to the the thermal storage capacity of the material. Infinite R has a capacity of 100 BTU/sq.ft. which equates to 314 Watts/sq.m.

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Infinite R, when properly applied, will absorb and release heat from conditioned space. This process reduces the cycles and overall run-time of the HVAC system, reducing HVAC energy consumption. Savings typically range be 25 - 35% of the HVAC energy, which can be increased by optimizing control settings.

Infinite R is not insulation. Infinite R works in concert with insulation. Insulation is a passive barrier to heat or cold entering a space. Infinite R is an active building component which absorbs and releases thermal energy to buffer internal temperature swings, making the space more comfortable.

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Based on real-world testing, Infinite R provides significant energy savings (calculated in BTUs) for spaces that are in a heating dominated climates. Infinite R captures and stores heat during the day and releases that heat when the space temperature drops below the transition set point of the PCM material.

Infinite R has over 12 years of real life data with little or no degradation in performance. That's why we offer a 25 year warranty with all Infinite R products.

Infinite R is produced to a Class A fire safety Plenum rating.

Infinite R is not toxic.

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In a ducted return with insulation on top of the ceiling tile, Infinite R should be installed between the insulation and the ceiling tile to interact with the occupied space. Please e-mail us at

Most drop ceiling applications require between 65% and 85% coverage. Optimizing the amount of the material requires analysis of the building, weather data, and operational characteristics of the HVAC system. We can review your building/space requirements and make a recommendation based on you specific needs.

Since Infinite R simply lays on your drop ceiling tiles, you simply need to move it to the side to perform service or maintenance on fixtures and equipment above the ceiling. Once the service is complete, you simply reposition Infinite R where it was prior to service. Caution should be used when handling Infinite R to make sure it is not punctured or damaged.

Infinite R can be installed in the a variety of locations in a building. Most are simple and do not require a professional installer. However, Greencastle Innovation has a network of professional installers to support your installation requirements.

In a typical drop ceiling retrofit, Infinite R can be installed at a rate of 100 sq.m./hr by a 4 person crew with two ladders. Installation in new construction varies with the design of the walls and ceilings.

While the material is non-toxic, it can leak, when in gelled state, if Infinite R is punctured. Care should be taken to handle the material properly to avoid puncture and other damage.

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