With the click of a button on a PC, tablet or phone, intelligent information can be pulled back automatically for remote 24/7 monitoring and maintenance including live PUE, EER and COP calculations and power distribution monitoring.

Green Castle Innovation provides an extensive range of control solutions that deliver intelligent component optimisation for existing plant equipment and systems as well as a variety of upgrades designed to reduce lifecycle costs. Specialists in building HVAC & energy management systems, our BMS system Framework provides a comprehensive range of tools to design innovative and scalable solutions that operate and optimise a wide range of building services across multiple platforms and components. It enables remote monitoring, system integration, extensive analysis, reporting & diagnostic capabilities.

Our Building Management System (BMS) is an innovative, scalable and future-proof solution which has been specifically designed to enhance system performance, drive down operational costs and aid decision making for a wide range of building services.

Our system has a simplistic and intuitive interface that allows you to manage smart cooling and other building services from any manufacturer across multiple sites through a single integrated system. It offers a wide range of monitoring, reporting and diagnostic tools which enable total system efficiency to be evaluated, putting the user in complete control.

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